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>> Tutuban CenterMall
At Tutuban CenterMall, you will find the cheapest array of wholesale and bargain goods in the entire archipelago. The building, once a railroad station of some sort, has been converted into a mall that caters to thousands of booths for scurrying entrepreneurs.
>> The Best Buy
Tutuban CenterMall in Divisoria, Tondo is famed for its bargain sales of quality goods. People of all social classes, whether shopping for pleasure or business, proceed to this area of Tondo despite the tremendous traffic to get the best prices in town.
>> Business Center & Condominiums
If residing in a business area is your choice, you can always take a pick among the different condo-type business centers in the district. Typical condominiums offer reasonable monthly rentals with a pack of different in-house services.
>> Apartments
You can find two to three-floor apartments almost anywhere in Tondo. This is the most preferred residential place of passing tourists, students, and businessmen.
>> One busy day in Divisoria
Divisoria is your one-stop cheap-shop roads and roads of tiangge (bargain sale) that is open almost 24 hours a day. It is famous for its bustling atmosphere of vendors and customers, a monument of the Philippine's trading industry.
>> Push-cart Business
Wherever you go in Tondo, Manila, you will see sidewalk and pushcart vendors. This is a Filipino legacy of selling home-made cuisine to a multitude of places.
>> Oshkei: A Typical Filipino Carenderia
In a crowded place like Tondo where majority of the population are relatively poor, carenderias are a helpful relief for an empty stomache and a not-so-full pocket.
>> Small Entrepreneurs
Filipinos are naturally resourceful and can pull in business from almost anything. Above you see a vendor of multi-colored home birds that are sold as house pets for less than ten pesos.
>> Pan de Pugon
As early as 4:00 A.M., bakeries all over Tondo open to serve hot bread and pastries to Filipinos.
>> Gal's Bakery
There's an assortment of bread that people can choose from aside from the famous Filipino bread "pandesal".
>> Dulce Funeral Services
Here loved ones of the departed could attend the wake and funeral services in a convenient and accessible place.
>> Andok's Litson Manok
Chicken is still the Filipino's most favorite dish. Andok's Lechon Manok is the most famous chicken fastfood corner.
>> Salons, spas, and Gyms
Filipinos have a natural taste for fashion and despite the rigors of hard life, the people try to find relaxation in salons, spas, and fitness centers.
>> Voila Salon
Voila Salon is found in the heart of Tondo in front of Pritil Public Market. With a reasonable price, this certain parlor provides sufficient and relaxing hair makeover.
>> Tropical Jeepneys
Only in the Philippines would you see a remodelled jeep that allows a large number of passengers at a time. These vehicles dominate the streets of Manila. Take the jeep to get a feel of the culture or hail a cab if you feel like it.
>> Padyaks
Padyaks are bicycles with a side-car that allow two to three passengers at a time. It is the quickest means of transportation in crowded places like Pritil, Tondo.
>> Spas
Filipinos like being pampered, as such, spas and health centers are prominent within the area for a very cheap amount. Enjoy Thai and Swedish massage, jacuzzi, cold and hot shower, and the most-requested steam bath.
>> Fitness Centers
If you are the athletic type then your first choice of membership would be into fitness centers and gyms. At almost every corner of the streets of Manila you will see gyms that could cater to your specific needs.
>> Basketball
Basketball is still the Philippine's number one sports. In every barangay in Tondo, there's a month-long league of basketball competitions that is open for viewing.
>> Volleyball
A team of volleyball players parade along the streets of Tondo prior to the launching of the Sports Festival.
>> Sports Fest
Basketball is still the Philippine's number one sports. In every barangay in Tondo, there's a month-long league of basketball competitions that is open for viewing.
>> Street Performances
During the Feast of Sto. Niņo de Tondo, a widely-known festival involves numerous street performances depicting the earlier culture of the Filipinos.
>> Manila North Cemetery at Night
Probably the most serene place nearby Tondo, Manila, the Manila North Cemetery is one of Manila's most maintained cemeteries.
>> Inner Sanctum
The cemetery displays skillfully constructed mausoleos that display the craftmaship of Filipinos.
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